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Midnight Oasis Midnight Oasis

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Alright technique, no direction

The drum programming is pretty good. But a lack of attention to detail (clipping/distortion) shows the composers rough edges still. The piece overall had a lack of interesting shape. No real thematic development. Just 4-5 parts that come in or out. I suppose this is a common problem with a lot of house and trance, but in a track like this (IE: not meant for drunken grinding in a club) there needs to be more depth in order to grab and hold the audience.

HouseMasta responds:

first off, the "distortion" is actually me using a filter, so you're wrong there. Two, i believe that the piece does stand out on its own and its not true techno. Three, techno was the closest category to what i wanted- its more orchestral than anything else. sorry that you couldnt "grind" to it *rolls eyes*.

the only thing you got right was that drumming was damn good...
your master,